What there is up

As you may know I started the Game Design and Development course at the HKU college a few weeks ago. Think what you may, but games are big business and frankly I can’t think of anything I’d like to be involved in more. I’ve been having a blast so far, we’ve got a great group of creative minds and we get to think, talk, learn and play games all day. We get classes on all that basic jazz, and there’s a special chill room on ‘our’ floor with a couple of big sofas, some HDtv’s and a bunch of consoles. It doesn’t really feel like school at all.

On Monday morning, we get lessons in seperating design and content, as you would with HTML and CSS, so we’re building a website this term; Tuesday’s is Project day, where we get together and storm some brains abut what interactive application we’ll be building; Wednesday we do some Research and afterwards a bit of Pixel Art; Thursday’s we get to sleep late and come in for some Coding and Art Class; and Friday we tackle Interaction Theory, which basically means doing fun experiments and looking at optical illusions and crazy designs with a man who looks strikingly much like a character I designed. Inbetween we run around town sometimes, and ofcourse play games, and that’s basically it!

I’ll post some pictures soon.

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