Turning the page

The other day I was on my way to a meeting with our programmers at the TU in Delft. My train was approaching Rotterdam station. It was early and I had overslept, so I was travelling on autopilot.

When my train came to a halt, I disembarked and descended the stairs into the hallway, looking for some sort of signage to indicate which train I had to get on next.

Upon reaching the bottom, I found myself in a long concrete hallway with a low ceiling.
Memories engulfed me like a warm bath. Suddenly, I was no longer here. I was no longer now. I was back then.
The only other time I had been at Rotterdam station.

Then, it had marked the start of something beautiful.
But back here, in the now, I found myself at the other end of that chapter.
So much had happened in between.

And I wished so much I could be there again.

I found the signage. Track 5. The 11:05 to Delft station.
It was 10:59.

No time to waste.

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