MAGS Day 4 – Splitting headache

Yesterday I didn’t get a lot done because my iPhone broke down and I spent all afternoon fixing it. On top of that I discovered in the evening a few glaring oversights in my dialog engine that required a complete rethink of it’s structure. So yeah, great day…

Today was decidely better. I solved most of the problems I uncovered yesterday, and after a long struggle I got the splitscreen feature working aswell! It’s not perfect but it’ll have to do.

The fun is that the room you are in (the frame on the left) is a scrolling room, so it will keep scrolling as you walk around while the frame on the right (an object) stays in place. :)

There’s this strange phenomenon that has happened to me at least a dozen times now where I type up a post on the forums describing the problem and asking for help, and almost always right before I hit the POST button I come up with either a solution or a workaround! It’s a funny thing.

I also sketched out all backgrounds today, so I can finally start building rooms now and get this thing underway proper!

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