Out of all the different materials, I still like pencil the most. It’s so easy to add details and shading. I couldn’t replicate this style any other way.

When I started this drawing, I wasn’t very confident that it was gonna turn out good. I don’t know why. The first shapes just looked bad, but I said fuck it, I’m gonna keep going until it does look good. So I erased it and started over, and well, this is what came out the second try. I don’t know what the problem was. Maybe I’m just crazy.

Drawing women is fun. Perhaps it’s part of the learning process. I’ve drawn tough guys to death by now, many a sketchbook page littered with their rugged faces, and I can effortlessly put down any variation in a few lines. But women, they’re elusive. I don’t know what it is exactly, but drawing them right is just really hard. The stereotypes may not be that difficult, but variations, and likenesses especially, take a lot of skill. I wish I could absorb some of the above penmanship into my style, distill a sort of formula that would produce good looking women. But I guess that just takes a lot of practice. Oh well, back to the drawing board then.

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