As I type this my clock mockingly flashes the numbers 02:00 at me. I got home about an hour ago after a trip to Amsterdam with a bunch of my classmates. A girlfriend was celebrating her birthday today (or yesterday, technically), so we all went to see The Bourne Ultimatum. Smashing flic. Job well done. Fun fact though: I left there at 9. Given, it’s a fair distance from Amsterdam to my town, but the lengthy duration of our trip was sort of our own fault.

Me and a mate left early because we realized we had a long trip ahead of us. We took the tram back to Central, then grabbed the train back to Hilversum. What we failed to realize was that we had to make a switch halfway down the track. This became clear to us when we ended up in Lelystad, which is like massive miles in the wrong direction. So we had to backtrack and hop over to the right train this time. Once in Hilversum I had to take anóther train back to Utrecht, and then take the bus back home.

Long story short: gamers rule, trains suck.

And that brings us to the now, where I am going to sleep.


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