Random bits

Hope you all had a great Christmas, and have fun tonight. I’ll be over at some friends, enjoying some time off before the shitstorm hits next week. I have to work my way through a 200 page textbook, write a paper, code up a flash game, launch a new website layout, draw a few comics and a request, build a demo and play CoD4. Woop-de-fucking-doo. Still, It’s all good.

Here’s some things I’ve been meaning to post, some random bits.

There’s a Heroes convention in the UK (as close to my country as they will probably ever get) in March. If we were rich, me and a friend would have totally gotten the gold pass, which lets you meet the cast, get your pictures taken with them, and attend an exclusive cocktail party, with them! But that would run around 500 pounds for the 3-day event. So no thanks. We need to keep an eye on this one though.

In lieu of that, I am still content that people think I look like Sylar:

I love technology. With my old PC, I used to shut it down around midnight when I went downstairs to chill, because, well, it was loud and very warm. Now, with my laptop, I just close the lid and it takes a nap while I go watch Comedy Central. Then when I get back up I can flip it open and muck around for a bit. This can present interesting situations, like last night, when I came back up at around 3 AM, and saw that iJustine was doing her weekly talkcast over in Pittsburgh, USA (where it was still morning!). I hadn’t been on Talkshoe for a while, and I had forgotten about such late night escapades into the podcasting world. They’re like crack, really. Especially when these new media people do them.

Allright, see ya later.

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