Take a walk on the wild side

I was always a little reluctant to jailbreak my iPhone, and I never felt like I needed to, but now that I did it, I’m never going back. This is why:

Because it fixes little annoyances:

Go Native! – adds iOS multitasking to all apps, even ones that don’t support it.
StayOpened – prevent the Appstore from closing every time you install an app, so you can keep browsing while apps install.
No Bookmarks – stops Safari from opening the bookmarks menu if there are no tabs open.
SwitcherMod – greatly simplifies closing apps in the multitask bar.
Cyntact – adds contact’s profile pictures to the contacts list.
PhoneCloser – hate how the phone application always opens after you complete a call? This tweak prevents that and brings you right back into the app you were using before you received the call.

Because it supercharges my surfing:

Fullscreen for Safari – mobile surfing will never be the same. Enjoy viewing websites in fullscreen, and open new tabs, switch tabs, open bookmarks and much more with simple configurable gestures. Will greatly speed up your surfing.
GridTab – displays all open tabs in a grid instead of that awful carrousel.
Adblocker – does what the name implies – blocks ads, which also saves you money and time by reducing the amount of data to download.
Safari download manager – download any file like you would on your desktop PC and store it right on the iPhone.

Because it enhances my experience:

iFile – dive into the iPhone’s file system with this powerful file browser/editor.
Activator – enables using gestures to open apps and do all kinds of fancy stuff.
SBSettings – THE reason for using Activator. Opens a little menu at the swipe of a finger where you can quickly toggle 3G, WiFi, GPS and much more without having to go all the way into the Settings menu.
Snappy – attaches a camera app to the Activator that you can launch from anywhere in under a second with a simple gesture, even from the lockscreen! Never miss a photo opportunity again.
MusicInfo – displays the current playing song on the statusbar and let’s you play/pause and skip songs by simply swiping across the statusbar.
BiteSMS – supercharges the SMS application with contact pictures, quick compose/reply on the lockscreen and much more.
PhotoAlbums+ – manage your photos without iTunes. Make new folders, move photos, it’s all possible.
Winterboard – apply new themes to your iOS (I recommend Matte Nano or Glasklart)
Typophone – turns your lockscreen into a beautiful typographic clock. Also install 20 second Lock Screen and Lockscreen Clock Hide for optimal enjoyment.

(some of these are commercial apps, but they are worth every penny. Or you might obtain them otherwise from one of the more shady repo’s)

If the above has excited you enough to the point of wanting to jailbreak yourself, things couldn’t be easier. Pretty much everything up to iOS 4.1 is no problem, 4.2.1 has recently also been jailbroken, and I’ve been assured the upcoming 4.3 will be no challenge either.

If you are with an official iPhone carrier, you won’t have to worry about unlocking either (this is seperate from jailbreaking). Otherwise, please check if/how to unlock your SIM after jailbreaking here.

One thing you have to understand is the difference between a tethered and untethered jailbreak. Tethered means you have to hook your iPhone up to your computer every time you reboot it, or the jailbreak won’t take. With untethered that’s not a problem, it will act identical to a non-jailbroken iphone. Often once a new firmware has been jailbroken for the first time, it will be a tethered jailbreak first. Stay away from those, wait for the untethered.

Greenp0is0n is what you should be using (I won’t bore you with the details as to why, you can read those elsewhere), although I personally had a better experience with limera1n. There are plenty of guides detailing the process on the net that you can easily find via Google.

Are you happily jailbroken yourself, or is something holding you back? Let me know in the comments.

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