The curse of being creative

Being creative is great. The only problem is you can’t pause it when you’re trying to focus on one thing. It’s nice to try something new when you’re stuck on your current project, but that’s only going to delay it. And if you get more than just a fun little idea it’s hard to put that on hold. Believe me, I’m trying.

Inspiration can come from the strangest places at unexpected times. When I started making adventure games, I was chasing that high brought about by Broken Sword, which was themed around an ancient Knights Templar mystery. I adore those kind of stories, so I would love to make a game like that, I just never really had an angle.

Then last week I zapped past National Geographic channel, and it was showing a documentary about the Ark of the Covenant. And for once, it wasn’t one of those lame docs where they just regurgitate boring facts and give no real conclusion at all. Within minutes, it was blowing my mind, and I came to realize that this was the story I will have to use when I eventually get around to making such a game. So now I’m doing some research on the subject, aswell as coming up with a basic setting and style for the game. Remember Titan A.E.? I’m in love with that style(and especially the ridiculously awesome animation).

So I’m excited, but I’ll have to shelve it for a while until I complete TMC (and there’s a another -luckily short- game that I’ve got laying around aswell). However there is no law against producing concept art in the meantime! Perhaps I’ll post some in the coming weeks. There’s no classes next week so maybe I can get some good work done then.


Also, I’m going to set a deadline for meself, yeh? January, yeh?, new TMC demo, yeh?

Now get outta me fuckin kitchen, yeh?

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