Trying out something a little more realistic.

I was watching Below recently, and besides being a really good movie, it has some great cinematography. I saw some shots in there where I was like “Wow, that would look great in a comic panel”. There was an awesome shot that I unfortunately can’t locate right now, but the above one was a good exercise too. You got that foreground/background dynamic there that I enjoy using in Dinerdate, and it’s a good practice of body shapes. I really want to ‘get’ light, so I can draw stuff like this naturally and don’t have to ‘cheat’ by tracing it.

And I did a quick portrait of Alison Sudol yesterday to warm up for the graphic novel.

Right now I’m gonna get back to work on the 12-second free-running animation that I’m working on for a school assignment. That should turn up here in the next week as well.

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