500 Days Of Spidey

I didn’t really have many thoughts about Amazing Spider-Man beyond “IT GOOD” and “something feels kinda off mayb- HOOH EMMA STONE”. But I read this PAR review today and it made me think about what it is I like about this iteration of the classic story.

I think Ben has a point that Spidey’s origin story is so ingrained in pop culture now that another re-telling makes all the little changes stand out more. Maybe that was why it felt a little strange. But to lambast it into the ground for that seems uncalled for.

I really dug the second Sam Raimi Spider-man but this one felt like it really got the Marvel treatment – and to me that shows most clearly in interesting character development. I liked Ben and May a lot more this time around, and their backstory was actually fleshed out and made sense instead of ‘hey I’m Peter’s uncle oh now I’m dead’ (I apologize for paraphrasing, I haven’t seen the first Sam one in a long time but that’s how I remember it) – I liked the callback to the wrestling arc too.

My favourite part of the movie was the Gwen relationship, which I didn’t expect going into it. Then again that was before I realized it was directed by Mark Webb of 500 Days Of Summer fame, so it really is no surprise. I agree with Texasgrit over at PAR that they played it very true to life, it was one of the few movie relationships that I actually bought into, and it brought up a lot of good memories of the girl I was seeing at the time. Peter and Gwen hit all the same beats, and understanding that makes the ending good and right and not as ‘fuck honor and loyalty’ like some people took it. Because as much as I am for keeping promises and honoring the deceased.. George is not here anymore, Gwen is, and she is destraught over losing Peter, even if by logical reasoning that would be best for both of them, as we all know how they end up… but I bet that if anyone is in a situation where they (arguably) love a girl and see that they are hurting her (and themselves) by staying away, they would act as Peter did.

I think Chris echoes my sentiments perfectly in his review for The Atlantic.

So I think I can easily conclude on the note that as a Spiderman movie maybe it wasn’t thát super with the whole Lizard arc being a little underwhelming, but as a superhero tale, a romance and movie in general I thought it was very good, and I’m looking forward to the next one.

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