Case in point

I don’t know if it’s the season, or the upswing after a down period, but I’ve been working like crazy.

I’ve got the last few comics in this dinerdate storyline planned out, they’ll be going up in the coming weeks before New Year. And for the 5 year anniversary come January, I’ve been working on a totally new site design. Well, the aesthetics will remain very similar, but it’ll all be running on a CMS, which means lots of sweet little features like rss feeds for the comic, post tagging, proper commenting on both the blog and the strip, etc, etc. I’m especially looking forward to having everything in one place, and being able to edit it all online on-the-fly.

A little taste…

And I had a massive brainwave about TMC this morning right before I was about to leave for college. It was like the pieces suddenly fit together. More on that soon!

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