I ate up Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency season 1 on Netflix recently, and it cemented Elijah Wood as one of my fave actors. I tried to capture his likeness here in one of his most confused moments as Todd, but only partially succeeded…


Media log 2016

Following the example of some friends, I started keeping track of the media I consume. I thought it would make an interesting list to look back on at the end of the year. So without further ado, here we go.


The Witcher 3 – epic.
Oxenfree – creepy.
Disney Infinity 3.0 – not just for kids.
Star Wars Battlefront – pew pew pew.
Firewatch – breath of fresh air.
Mad Max – punch punch vroom.
Batman Arkham Knight – too many buttons.
Rise Of The Tomb Raider – masterpiece.
The Witness – pretty.
Adr1ft – keep breathing.
Californium – trippy.
Inside – brutally beautiful.
Abzu – zen fishing.
Virginia – look at all the cooolooors.
Just Cause 3 – EXPLOSIONS!
Kentucky Route Zero IV – too many words.
Pokemon GO – how could you not.
HITMAN 2016 season 1 – finally distilled perfectly.
No Man’s Sky – why?
DOOM – ballet of death.
Astroneer – fun-to-be.
Deadly Tower Of Monsters – king of pulp.
Sky Force Reloaded – one more game.
Assassin’s Creed Unity – they got me back.
Broken Sword 5 – digging through the mud for gold.
Overcooked – friends fun fantastic.


The Hateful Eight – long.
The Peanuts Movie – rote.
Deadpool – fun!
Inside Out – we get it.
Hardcore Henry – Sharlto Copley <3.
The Hunchback Of Notre Dame – about time.
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. – Oof.
The Secret Life Of Pets – woof.
X-Men: Apocalypse – fine.
Captain America: Civil War – muscles.
Dark Shadows – Depp.
Zootropolis – it’s so fluffay!
The Red Turtle – tears.
Cafe Society – the old days.
Star Trek Beyond – … great??
John Wick – meh.
Deliver Us From Evil – deliver me from this movie.
Escape Plan – old gods.
Snowpiercer – Jesus Christ.
Ant-Man – not bad.
The Finest Hours – fuck the sea.
The Signal – wait, what?
Mission Impossible Rogue Nation – return to form.
Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them – magical.
Arrival – headache.
Non-Stop – just stop.
Edge Of Tomorrow – I want to do it again!
Catch Me If You Can – Dicaprio <3
It Follows – surprising restraint.
La La Land – glee.
Rogue One – nailed it.


Mad Men (rewatch) – still unbeatable.
Fargo season 2 – afro on point.
A Young Doctor’s Notebook – more Draper.
Breaking Bad (rewatch) – I AM THE ONE WHO KNOCKS!
Stranger Things – nostalgia.
Mr. Robot season 2 – wait what?
How I Met Your Mother (rewatch) – old friends.
Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency – baffling, but in a good way.


Jerusalem, Guy Deslile – oh man.
Naamloos, Pepijn Lanen – eat sleep rave repeat.
Delilah Dirk And The Turkish Lieutenant, Tony Cliff – adventure.

Released: The House on Holland Hill

After two weeks of intermittent development, I finished my gamejam game (late) last sunday! I’ve polished up a few bits since then, and aside from the save system that doesn’t work yet, it’s become a pretty solid offering. And more tweaks and polish are probably coming in the next few weeks.

You can download the game from Let me know what you thought of it if you play it!

Live from the Wizard Jam front, episode #2

Hey there! This is my second missive from the WJ4 front – read the first one here.

I spent last weekend finalizing the geometry so I could turn it into a prefab and use it across all scenes. It mostly came down to adding some final furniture and building out the surrounding terrain and forest. About halfway through, I realized I was putting way too much effort into it, and it served its purpose just fine the way it was. So I packaged it all up and finally started the first story scene.


Unfortunately, it turned out that Adventure Creator was not 100% foolproof in turning everything into a prefab. The common interactions (opening and closing all the doors in the house etc) were especially dire; they turned up blank after being imported into a new scene, so I had to go into each of the associated objects in a new scene and hook them back up. Not great. Lost a lot of time troubleshooting that. But in the end I had a basic scene that I could duplicate, a sort of prefab if you will, so at least I could now set it and forget it.

Mid-week I finally had some time to dedicate to the game again and I set up the first scene’s logic, which went pretty quickly. That offered some hope for the remaining days. I got started on character sprites too. I wanted to try a more detailed style with thinner lines, like Californium, but in the interest of time I went with my go-to art style. I’ll fix that in post, as they say.


Once I got them in the game and had a few expressions to play with, things really started to come together. I also made a menu that displays which delivery you are embarking on, like the splash screen for the days in Firewatch. Then it was just a matter of knocking out more scenes and more character sprites. Which I did on friday.


I skipped after-hour drinks at the office to get into THE ZONE, and by midnight I had set up about half of the game. Granted, those scenes were the easiest to make and contain very little pithy gameplay, but it was nice to be able to punch those out real quick. I might still make the sunday night deadline with something half decent! It doesn’t help that there are a national holiday and a concert in-between me and that moment though, but oh well…