Character studies

I’m geting back into drawing again, and here’s a couple of caricatures I drew of some classmates. The bottom three are teachers.

These were all drawn from memory. It’s hard to draw a caricature of just everyone, there has to be something about them that captures your attention, that stands out. If you learn how to spot that, it’s real easy to put a good likeness down with a few lines.

I realize I haven’t talked much about what we’re doing at college for a while. This term there just isn’t much going on really. We’re busy setting up a kinetic line (you know, stuff tipping each other over. Made famous by Der Lauf Der Dinge). It’s going down this Friday, so I’ll take some pics, and it’s being filmed as well. Other than that it’s mostly theory. And some graphic work and animation. We spend most of the time working on side projects. I’ve mostly been doing field research the past few weeks – That is to say, playing games.

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  1. Hey!!! That’s me. Top row, middle caricature. And yeah… That is me. Loud, screaming.. Just being annoying actually. 😀
    Cheers boy. Loving it.

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