Guess it’s about time for an update eh?

I wrapped up my sophomore year a few weeks back. Passed all my classes in one go, and the project turned out very well! I think we put together a pretty nice game if you look at where we started, with artists that knew very little about 3D, and programmers that had never programmed for games before. We were lucky to have a great team that worked well together, and even though we didn’t quite accomplish everything we wanted, I’d say we can be proud of what we turned in.

You can take a look at all the sophomore games here. I worked on Will O Wisp, assisting with game design, concept art, creating pretty much all the textures and putting together the audio and gameplay trailer.

So now I finally have some free time again to work on some personal projects (and to look for an internship). I’ve started working on Dinerdate again, finalizing the script and characters, and drawing the first few strips. It’s a little slow because I’m still experimenting with fonts and word balloons and coloring techniques, and I gotta get familiar with the characters again – in terms of being able to draw them consistently. But I’m getting there!

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