Evening encounter

Evening encounter

“She appeared out of nowhere.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the light of the setting sun catch the golden adornments on her evening gown. When I looked up, she paused and looked back at me from across the room. For a moment we remained motionless; only her curls swayed softly in the breeze that blew through the marble arches we stood under.

Where did she come from? What was she doing here this late?

These questions remained unanswered, as with a graceful flutter she disappeared back into the shadows. The faint patter of her bare feet on the granite floor echoed away into the unseen.

I don’t think I ever considered finding out where she went; it felt like she had a divine purpose, and I was merely a silent observer. I returned to what I was doing: mopping the floor.”

Some #sundaydrawing. In a way she did appear out of nowhere when I started with a blank canvas. As did this little accompanying story I wrote. I’m not sure why, I guess it felt wrong posting this without a good caption to go along with it ?

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