Here it goes again

Ahhh, we’re finally done with the first semester. Unfortunately the second one has already started. Our schedule is pretty wacked, we’re knee-deep in work and on Thursdays we’re on site till 9 PM. But we have good fun together so it’s not all bad. And there’s a Burger King like 15 minutes away.

Hanging out in the Stardock.

There’s even people using AGS here!

Playing the UT3 multiplayer demo.

The judgement week went really well. We had a few tests, and spent all Tuesday camped out in the college room, watching presentations. Some were really good, some…hmm, not so much.

Our project was voted 3rd best! We got some chocolate, yay -.-. There were some things we didn’t account for, but we passed. We ended up molding it into a murder mystery called The Lombok Trials. The objective of the game was to gather clues and solve puzzles to find an extradigitalist (someone with 6 fingers) who can travel through time at 60 times normal speed… We had written some pretty elaborate lore for it.

So now that all starts again. We’ve got things like storyboarding(yay!) and game theory (pitching concepts in English, yay), and we’re building a Duckhunt clone in Flash which is pretty fun. We keep busy.

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  1. If you would zoom in on that 2nd photo from the bottom, you would be able to see that I’m “owning” everyone…

    …In my reality anyways.

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