MAGS Day 18 – Double take

I was surprised by how little work it took to power through to the end of the game. I just have to build the final puzzle now (which is going to take some brain-wrangling for sure) and then I can start filling the game up with interactions and graphics. I hope to be done in time to do a little testing before I submit to MAGS – my target is for players to be able to complete it juuust in time, but I have no idea if that matches up with how long players actually take to get through it. I’m living on assumptions here, and as Steven Seagal once said, “assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups.”

(I actually put a closing bracket and a semicolon behind that quote out of automatism, that’s how deep into coding I am right now…)

Special thanks also to Alasdair Beckett for helping me sort out some extended functionality for his Smoothscroll module. Getting it to play nice with my splitscreen system proved somewhat of an ordeal. A system which, as I discovered yesterday, is actually way more efficient if I use GUI’s instead of room objects! I was under the impression that spoken text would not appear above a GUI, but apparently I was mistaken, which is good news as it fixes a few visual oddities and interferes way less with the rest of the script.

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