Media log 2017

Continuing the tradition, here’s my media log of 2017. This year I’m highlighting a few noteworthy entries.

The Kanye West discography


I started listening to Dissect, a podcast about musical analysis. It examined what might be my favorite album of all time, Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. I already loved it for its artistry when it came out in 2010, but diving in this deep and exploring all the artistic nooks and crannies made me appreciate it even more. The way it tells a complex story and references mythology is very inspiring.

It may sound strange to people that know me, but a part of me identifies very strongly with Kanye. And listening to all his albums in sequence really filled up my artistic tank again, made me look differently at the work I do.

Prey + Spirits of Xanadu


I love a good immersive sim. The year started off right with Deus Ex Mankind Divided, I played some Dishonored 2, but Prey really impressed me. It’s a classic formula, but it has just the right mix of setting, art style, gameplay, and level design to make me want to spend hours in that world. It cemented for me the idea that this might be my new favorite genre, and that I want to try and tackle making a game like this, however impossible that may seem.

Then I played Spirits of Xanadu, by the people currently working on the System Shock remake (it’s all connected, eh). It’s basically Prey, but at such a low fidelity that it could have been made by one person in a reasonable amount of time. It was then that I knew I had to attempt this too.

Blade Runner 2049


I saw this one twice in a week’s time. The visuals are amazing (those colors!), but especially the thought that went into each part of this world, from the architecture to the functional UI for an AI companion, I just can’t handle it.

It’s okay to quit


This one’s not specifically about one entry, but a more general feeling that I’ve developed this year: it’s okay to quit. We live in a time where we have access to such an embarrassment of riches, media-wise, that instead of looking for quality we now have to look for time. I would play all the games that look interesting and clear out my Netflix and IMDb queue if I could, but there is simply not enough time.

So instead of tightly maintaining my ever-growing backlog (which ironically is what generates the data for these posts), I’ve come to terms with the fact that it’s okay to not experience everything. I’m sure the new Marvel movies are good, I can live without them. These games that I played for two hours and enjoyed but have to push myself to finish, I can live without them. There is so much out there now that is good, I’m concentrating on finding the things that are great (such as those mentioned above). Focusing on one thing deeply instead of consuming three things at the same time and not really absorbing any of them. I think this will also give me more peace of mind.

I think for next year I might then transform my media log into an experience log that also includes trips, events, and other things that I find enriching.

See this year’s full list after the break:

 indicates very high enjoyment.


Deus Ex Mankind Divided ✨

Resident Evil 7 ✨

Mafia 3

Hidden Folks

Horizon Zero Dawn ✨

Human Fall Flat

Uncharted 4

Mirror’s Edge 2

Battlefield 1

Prey ✨

Snake Pass

Rainbow Six Siege



Trackmania Turbo

XCOM 2 ✨

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice ✨

Infamous: Second Son

Night in the Woods

Old Man’s Journey

Subsurface Circular ✨

Bomber Crew

The Low Road ✨


Spirits of Xanadu ✨

Watch Dogs 2

Uncharted The Lost Legacy

Movies and TV shows


Pan Am (rewatch)

Beauty and the Beast 2017



Ghost in the Shell

Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)

Master of None season 1 + 2

Pirates of the Carribean 4

Designated Survivor

Crashing season 1 ✨

Baby Driver

Dr Strange

New Girl season 1


Blade Runner 2049 ✨

Star Trek Discovery season 1

Stranger Things season 2 ✨

Spider-Man: Homecoming


Alien Covenant

Free Fire

Star Wars The Last Jedi ✨

Mindhunter season 1


Designing for Emotion

Delilah Dirk and the Kings Shilling

The Sculptor

Don’t Make Me Think

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