Oh and by the way

I’ve started showing the AFF graphic novel to a few people, and responses so far have been very positive. A few quotes:

– Manages to create the other-worldly feeling of being in love, visually
– Beautifully written, straight from the heart
– Reminds me of Derek Kirk Kim’s work
– So good it makes me sick to my stomach
– That’s it, I quit!

Ofcourse the first copy had to go to the lady that the story is about.
So I printed a copy through Lulu.com and gave it to her when she was in Germany. Needless to say she was very flattered by this “wonderful and lovely work of art!”

The deadline for the Side B anthology it’s appearing in is almost up, so that should enter production sometime soon.

Other than that, a few panels from the comic are currently on display in the halls of my art college, and I’ve been invited to be a guest on the Art & Story Alive podcast for their Valentine’s Day special to talk about the book and how to effectively portray love in comics.

So yeah, happy camper here.

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