The Frenzy Dailies

Long long overdue, here are my frenzy adventures from last summer in comic form for your enjoyment.

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A while ago, Alison Sudol (of A Fine Frenzy fame) set up a contest for a new DeviantArt ID. This is sort of like an avatar that appears on your DeviantArt page to accompany your bio. I thought I’d give it a shot, it was a nice challenge in compositing a more artistic image as opposed to what I normally draw. I tried to keep it close to her aesthetics, and that must have paid off, because I won!

This image now graces the official A Fine Frenzy DeviantArt page:

It is done

After months of pondering, rewrites and hard work I’ve finally wrapped up my submission for Side B, a musical anthology! This eight-page story gives readers an insight into how the music of Alison Sudol -aka A Fine Frenzy– has influenced my life.

You might remember I posted the first page a while ago. Well, that version was axed completely.

There was just no flow in the story, so I rewrote it with a little help from the Art & Story crew, and what came out ended up a lot more personal than I thought I’d be comfortable with. But I think it’s a solid tale now, one that needed to be told.

A few samples:

Side B, a musical anthology is scheduled to be in bookstores across the US roughly around spring 2009. I’ll keep you guys posted.

Quality assurance

This is some art from my upcoming A Fine Frenzy graphic novel. I wasn’t satisfied with the original version of this drawing, so I sat down and did it properly.



I’m happy with the likeness now, it’s much better.
The original piece was only intended as a small distorted part of a panel in a comic, so it didn’t really matter, but since then the script has changed, and I’m now going to use this piece as extra art in the back of the book, so this was a good opportunity to fix it.