Dinerdate 2.0

Long ago I did a webcomic called Dinerdate, about a weird bunch of people hanging out in a diner. I ended it because it was sort of going nowhere, but I always liked the idea and for two years off and on I worked on a reboot. I wrote about 50 strips, a complete first chapter, but some things didn’t quite click yet (even though I think the arc is strong) so I shelved it indefinitely. A big focus of the new version was Amsterdam, which, along with some other elements and characters, I rolled into Off-Stage after that. But Dinerdate 2.0 continues to occupy a folder in my Dropbox, to maybe be revisited someday (I have some nice ideas to tie it into the Off-Stage universe).

Here are the first two strips.

Gravel shit

Saw the ad at the bus stop the other day and thought how hilarious it would be if they actually gave them their oatmeal.