Color values

Painting color is a tricky thing. It´s easy to slap a few flat colors on something but to make them a harmonious whole, to know where to apply those tonal differences, that´s the hard part. Since I´ve started doing color studies the past few weeks I´m already starting to notice that where applying color and light once filled me with a minor sense of dread, it is now slowly becoming automatism. It is training to see more than training to paint, really.


The way strong light illuminates and scatters through hair has always been a fascinating phenomenon to me. It looks so great. Any sort of rim lighting always makes things look more interesting.

[Update] Alina liked it.

Wilde words

After watching The Words tonight I felt compelled to paint this striking shot from the movie.
Done in photoshop in about an hour.

I feel this film deserves more recognition than it got, it’s a surprisingly heartfelt story about people and the mistakes they make. If you haven’t seen it, it deserves a look.

Credit where credit is due

The other day I came across these amazing moviestill paintings on DeviantArt, and I refused to believe they were real (as in not painted over). Then I tried it myself today.

Turned out pretty good! It took me about two hours, no paintovers, 0% colorpicking, just a lot of comparing back and forth.

The still is from the movie It’s A Boy Girl Thing, a highschool bodyswap movie from 2006. Last night I stumbled upon it as I was flipping through the channels, and I was surprisingly captivated by what first seemed to be a run-of-the-mill movie. It took many of the tired conventions of the genre and mixed them up in interesting ways.


A while ago, Alison Sudol (of A Fine Frenzy fame) set up a contest for a new DeviantArt ID. This is sort of like an avatar that appears on your DeviantArt page to accompany your bio. I thought I’d give it a shot, it was a nice challenge in compositing a more artistic image as opposed to what I normally draw. I tried to keep it close to her aesthetics, and that must have paid off, because I won!

This image now graces the official A Fine Frenzy DeviantArt page:


A random doodle I made during work today.

Sitting next to the small window in our office is a perfect spot to observe the people walking by. This girl stopped in front of the windows in the corridor for a while to look at the sudden snowfall, forgetting all about the phone call she was in the middle of.