Week Five

It’s been over a month since I went freelance, crazy.

Chief achievement this week I would say is setting up a schedule. With multiple projects and no hard deadlines, every morning requires a mental exercise to figure out what the smartest thing to be working on right now is. And ‘what I most feel like’ is not a very good qualifier. It also scatters my attention as I can switch activities at any time. So I decided to set aside certain days for certain projects, and to include at least one day where I work off-site and dive into business research. It’s up on my wall right next to my workstation.

In part thanks to this Off-stage is updating again. Every tuesday to start off. I could probably do twice a week but I need to get faster at drawing it first. While posting I also glanced at the date of the last update – over three months ago. Yowza, time really flies sometimes.

I also started work on a short science fiction Flash game with a friend. We’ve talked about collaborating since we were in highschool and it is finally happening. The game is mainly GUI-based, think Oblivion meets Google’s iOS design, which is an interesting challenge as I don’t normally do much interface design. I’ll have something to show off soon.

Also: holy crap Mark Of The Ninja is super super good.

And oh yes there’s this.

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