Week six

Pretty much why I went indie.

Monday (or technically tuesday) marked the official return of a consistently-updating Off-stage. I would like to go twice-a-week, but at the rate I draw a page and the days I have allocated to the project (one) I’m comfortable staying at once a week for now. My next step will be ramping up the advertising a bit, both outgoing and incoming. It’s time to dust off my old friend Project Wonderful (where I also found 25 dollars in old Dinerdate ad revenue collecting dust!)

On wednesday I went to Niels’ book presentation for De Verdwijners. It’s a cool what-if story about the near future and Google’s growing grasp on the world. Hearing about his process was also very interesting. Pick it up if you’re dutch or enjoy this trailer while you wait for the translation.

My thursday evening I spent by tinkering around in Unity, with some help from my buddy Jens. Things seem quite daunting in there sometimes, but taking things one step at a time often yields surprisingly fast and fine results.

This is all to emulate an old prototype I did in Adventure Game Studio, which the game and my ambitions for it have since outgrown.

On friday I went to see two of my friends graduate – Bojan of Game Oven fame with his research on cloud simulation, and long-time friend Twan on SCRUM management tools – which gives me an opportunity to point everyone at the excellent Trello again.

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