Week seven

This week has been largely uneventful.

On Monday I inked another Off-stage page and fiddled with the design. I have a strong desire to upgrade software to any newer version when it becomes available, but often I regret it because something invariably breaks. So I had to exert some self-control in not pulling the trigger on upgrading my entire Off-stage backend from Comicpress to Comic Easel (both wordpress plugins). Maybe someday I’ll dare to. If the site is down, you’ll know I did.

I like the convenience of having a buffer, something that really only exists in comics. I have to draw a page on the day but it doesn’t have to go up right away, it goes in a queue which automatically posts it even if I’m not there (like yesterday, more about that later).

Over the weekend I watched some Syria reporting and through the week I had conversations and discussions about it with people, which gave me an idea for a sort of war-themed short game, but more about society and the media leading up to a situation like that. It’s the clearest idea I’ve had these past weeks, in the sense that the structure is laid out from start to finish already. I gotta finish some stuff so I can make room for all this, because I also had an idea for anóther scifi game while watching a documentary! It reminds me of wise words Rami Ismael once said; that you should take inspiration from things outside of games, otherwise you’ll only make games that look like other games.

On wednesday I dove into a new book: the handbook for setting up a design burea. Valuable knowledge about all this business business spillt out of the first chapter alone. It mostly caused a cascade of having to look up things that the government expects me to know about myself, puncuated by realizing I had forgotten the password to my account. Better luck next week.

On thursday I blasted out some of the final drawings for the thesis assignment. That one’s almost done now. Then I packed up my bag and spent the rest of the week up until yesterday in the UK, visiting for the birthday of a cute little lady.

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