Week four

Week 3 wasnt very interesting so I skipped it. Last week I’ve mostly been working on my Fawlty Towers game. I discovered some cool optimalizations I could do code-wise, and I polished some of the puzzles I implemented so far. The game is pretty playable already so I think I’ll work to finish this one soon.

Other than that I kept trucking along with the thesis artwork assignment. We’re down to the last batch now so I think I can wrap this up by the end of the month.

I’ve noticed that time seems to be flying by too quickly. Without a commute and colleagues it gets hard to tell the days apart. So to become more concious about working hours etc I installed Breaker, an app that keeps track of work cycles (like every 45 minutes for instance) and alerts me to take a short break when one is over. It really helps to brings some structure to my day.
To that end I’ve also moved my desk away from my wall to face outside, so I have a view and can also keep track of the time of day better.

On friday I played Gone Home by Fullbright. I’ve been excited by this environmental storytelling game since I heard about it through the Idle Thumbs podcast, and it definitely lived up to my expectations. It was very cool to play it in one sitting with headphones as it was dark and raining outside. Recommended if you enjoy good stories and dark basements.

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